Rips Their Customers Off!!

Tampa, Florida 2 comments
Not resolved

It should be !!

The fish I received were way to short

So I am filing this Rip Off Report

When my fish arrived, they were getting Furry

I tried to treat them in a Hurry

Now they all are Dead

F_You is all that Ryan Said

So if you need some dead Fish

Tworipoffguyz can fill your Wish

This is meant to bring some humor to a very sad situation. I cannot believe they would sell fish that were less than two inches for the price of three inch fish. I cannot believe that they sell fish that were practically dead before they even shipped them. Ryan is the meanest, nastiest, rudest, most sour bitter and childish person I have ever had to deal with. Just take a moment to see all of the other complaints that are all over the internet about him!!

Buyer Beware, They will RIP YOU OFF!!!!!

Review about: Fish.


East Lansing, Michigan, United States #30338

Never had a problem with the guy. Have received numerous fish with no problems.

Greybull, Wyoming, United States #11901

:cry Twofishguyz are cry babies, Wa, Wa

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